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3 Magic Words

Appreciation is the key that opens the door to the good and blessings that you desire.

Gratitude is like a magic formula, and, it is also a realization, a state of awareness, a remembrance...

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."

Gratitude is thankfulness, and it is also a deep spiritual remembrance, remembrance of who you really are, remembrance of the all-encompassing Love that beholds infinite goodness, infinite blessings, and infinite possibilities within it.

Your desire, is already a reality, it exists here now, in this moment, as one version of reality, of many different, infinite versions of reality for you to choose from...

Focus your attention upon your heart. Bring your awareness to your heart-center. Feel the sensation of the "opening" that is your heart.

Your desired reality, the way that you wish for things to be, lives here, inside your heart, inside this world of infinite possibilities within your heart... Your desired reality already exists in its fullness, it is alive and well, with completeness, inside the golden inner landscape of your heart.

Your inner heart is its own reality, Divine Love's reality, where infinite possibilities for the good that you desire, is spiritual truth.

Give yourself permission to have what you desire, to express it, to live it now.

When you were a child, you were probably required to ask a parent's permission to have what you wanted.

Now, that you are an adult, whether you realize it or not, you have become your own parent, and you MUST have your OWN permission to have what you desire!

Simply desiring something and knowing that you want it, does not equate with genuine self-permission.

To have what you desire, to LET IT IN to your world, you MUST first give yourself permission.

You must express a solid, unquestionable, decisive "YES" to your desire, through-and-through.

If there is something that you desire but feel you do not yet have, or something that you've been working toward for a long time but feel you do not yet have, you can be almost certain that, on some level, you don't have your own complete permission to have it, or, you would likely already have it.

Self-permission, truly giving yourself permission, SETS YOU FREE to have what you desire, allowing it to materialize and take shape and form in its grounding in the physical world.

Whenever you genuinely give yourself permission, REAL permission, staunch permission, you are making a DECISION. It is done.

With self-permission granted, you are making a DECISION for yourself that what you desire will be, that it is so, that it is done.

Whenever you grant yourself this permission, your decision is made, and it is final for you, you are granting yourself total freedom to have what you desire, and with this freedom, your miracles are also free to transpire, to happen, to materialize, to manifest, to reach bloom into fruition, to SHOW UP for you.

Give yourself permission to have what your heart desires, allow your decision to have what you desire to become solid and staunch, to become firmly grounded. Make your claim of what you desire, and allow the freedom that flows naturally from this process, to usher in your answered prayer with magic, grace, beauty, wonder, and delightful, joy-filled surprise.

The Universe works in its own divine timing, this is one of the mysteries of life. However, if you are willing to open the door to receiving your desire (granting yourself total permission to have it,) and willing to allow that space for your answered prayer to show up for you, then just in this, you are already providing a clear space that is free of many of the common blocks that may be a barrier in terms of potentially slowing down the time it takes to receive your desire. You are already on a good path to success.

Would you like to know "3 magic words" that you can also use to accelerate your desire's manifestation?

You already know that gratitude and appreciation are like a magic formula that has the power to work miracles for you. You already know that with gratitude, you can awaken divine memory of the heart's innate intelligence and living consciousness, reawakening yourself to a Love that Itself is awake, alive, and overflowing with the fullness of infinite possibilities of good.

Look into your mirror. Look deeply into your own eyes with great care, realizing that the fulfillment of your desire, already exists WITHIN YOUR OWN HEART, in spiritual truth, as an already complete reality.

Feel your desired reality inside your heart, recognizing that you are already One with it, that it is already One with you, that it exists as a part of you that you cannot be separated from, as it is innate to your true spiritual nature. It is a part of you.

With this divine understanding of spiritual truth, and with true sincerity, say the magic words.

"I Love You."

Are you brave enough?

Are you brave enough to express, to CONFESS, the love that you feel for your desire, directly TO your desire, and to yourself?

If you desire love, are you brave enough to say, "I Love You Love"?

If you desire a happy relationship, are you brave enough to say, "I Love You Happy Relationship"?

If you desire good health, are you brave enough to say, "I Love You Good Health"?

If you desire abundance and money, are you brave enough to say, "I Love You Abundance and Money"?

Do you feel a good feeling saying this?

If you DO feel good saying this, then this can be a sign of ACCEPTANCE, of PERMISSION that you have granted yourself to have what you desire.

If however, you feel uncomfortable, or even awkward saying this, then this can be a sign that you have just rubbed directly up against a part of yourself that you have not yet given PERMISSION to have what you desire.

Whenever you emotionally bump up against a part of yourself that feels awkward or uncomfortable expressing your love for what you desire, your awareness has just been brought to a part of you that is in RESISTANCE to allowing yourself, of letting it be OKAY, to have and receive what you desire.

If you feel "silly" saying this, it may be showing you that you do not take yourself, your ability to love, or your desires seriously enough, and may be reflecting that you are lacking in your own emotional support for yourself and your desires, at least when it comes to this particular desire that you are working with. Or, you may simply be SHY to your own love and self-care, which is something you can become more comfortable with in time, by beginning with small, but consistent, doses of authentic self-love.

If you feel uncomfortable saying, "I Love You," directly to what you desire, at this point, you have to decide. Is what you desire IMPORTANT enough to you, to actively give yourself permission to have it, to actively express LOVE to the essence of that which you desire, even if it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first?

Or, are you fine with negating your ability to have what you desire by refusing to look at a wall of resistance within yourself that stops you from having that desire fulfilled, only to carry on pretending you don't know why you can't seem to have that prayer answered?

It is your right and freedom to choose for yourself, and to choose your own answer.

However, either way, know that you have this power within you, and when you decide to say a brave, "I Love You," directly to your desire, letting that love awash throughout all of your cells straight through to the starlight of the Universe and beyond, that you have just grown, evolved, and opened the door, perhaps even wider than ever before, to experiencing the joy of your answered prayer fulfilled.

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