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Are Psychics Real? Are Spells Real?

Tips To Avoid Scams & Find Genuine Psychics & Spiritual Workers.

Psychic ability is very real, but do all who claim to have psychic ability, truly behold such ability? And what about love spells, and spells of magic, are spells real?

It is my belief that we are all spiritual beings at the heart of who we truly are, that we are all interconnected through the great and eternal, infinite Love of the Higher Power, and that we all behold the same ability to develop, to cultivate and to enhance our ability to perceive, understand, intuit and receive information beyond the known five senses. But still, does this mean that all who claim to have psychic ability, truly have genuine psychic perceptions to offer? What about spells, are spells real, and what are spells really?

There is only ONE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, no matter what one chooses to name it, and no matter what dogma, structure or set of beliefs is placed around this benevolent, healing and loving power OF the Higher Power, the Source of life is always the same Source of life, no matter what religious ideals, customs, traditions, interpretations or approaches may be shaped around one's ideas of access to a connection with the Higher Power.

In essence, spells, or "the casting of a spell," is part of a faith-based spirituality, and is very similar to the concept of prayer. Churches of many kinds pray for people all the time, and receive regular tithes and monetary offerings from those seeking prayer. Money is still involved in the equation for such spiritual-themed services.

Some mainstream churches may even make use of candles during prayer, and some may even use anointing oil to anoint the heads of those they pray for, and some even anoint their homes, offices, vehicles and belongings with anointing oil and pray with faith to the Higher Power for healing, protection and blessings. They may also feel particular to specific names for the Higher Power, but in essence, there are many types of spiritual people who offer spiritual-themed services as part of their life's work.

Any spiritual service that is being offered, whether it involves an exchange of money in some way or not, if it is based from faith in the holistic love and goodness of the One Source of All Life, then such services may truly be of positive benefit for you.

But does this mean that ALL people who claim to be "spiritual" helpers, psychics, spell caster's, etc., are truly honest and legitimate in what they say and do?

Unfortunately, there can be crooks in different avenues of spirituality, religion, and in life. Perhaps not all who claim to be spiritual helpers are truly honest in their endeavors. There can be many forms of psychic ability, there can be clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling/intuition/empathy), psychic or telepathic messages may show up in dreams for some, or even in those seemingly random events where you feel a strong thought of a friend that you've not heard from in ages, suddenly enter your thoughts just moments before the phone rings and you discover it is that same friend, and you'd not been expecting their call.

There should always be a realistic understanding when it comes to enlisting the services of a psychic, spell caster, or any other individual or group offering spiritual-themed services. Some people, including many spiritual workers, have a wider sense of what is realistically possible than some may. Spiritual experiences, accurate psychic readings, successful spells, and answered prayers, do happen for people quite often, but even in the event of very accurate psychic readings for example, that does not mean that a psychic is ever "all-knowing," and sometimes what may come through during a genuine psychic reading may be what your deeper Self NEEDED to come through for you, a deeper message that your conscious mind needed to hear, and not every little detail of your life, such as what you had for lunch.

People who offer psychic services are also human, we are all human, and it is important to go into such topics with an open-mind and an open-heart, with genuine faith, but that needn't mean to throw all common sense to the wind, assume that as someone with said psychic ability, that they should be "all-knowing" (and that can be one warning sign right there, when anyone offering psychic services claims to be "all-knowing," or that they know everything,) and it also needn't mean that you allow someone else, said psychic or not, to make your life decisions for you, or that you blindly follow any and everything they say (or that they may proposition, such as in a case of some scams or parlor tricks, as some reference them as.) It's important to always think for yourself.

Unfortunately, not all people who claim to be spiritual helpers are truly honest in what they say and do. There can be swindlers in many different walks of life, be it a said psychic who attempts to worry you into believing your life depends on having a cleansing spell done, that some dark energy is over your life and you must have it removed immediately or there be dire consequences, and what's more, when you only ASKED FOR a "reading," (that is believed by many to be a common "parlor trick,") and I do believe that in some situations, cleansing spells CAN BE useful and beneficial, but it can be a possible warning sign when you only asked for a psychic reading, and end up being told some dark energy is around you and it's imperative it be removed by you purchasing a cleansing spell... Or, be it a spell caster who tells you you don't have to pay for their spell services until you see results, only to end up being threatened or blackmailed behind the scenes into sending money or else they reveal your private intentions of why you wanted spell services to begin with, once you've shared your private information with them. Or, be it a spell caster who promises results within 24 hours, 12 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour, 20 seconds, or 1.2 picoseconds...

This is not to say that results from prayer and spells cannot happen quickly, as even I myself, have even had clients share success stories with me that on the same night of their spell-casting, how their beloved who had been angry with them, not wishing to speak to them, showed up at their front door that very night with a desire to see them, and make amends.

Does this mean this speedy of a result will happen in every and all cases, in all situations? In potential, it could happen, it HAS happened in some situations, but that does not mean this would apply in every and all situations. Every situation is unique, with it's own unique mix of energies and circumstances, and you don't get cookie-cutter results with spells, where the same results apply for all people, in all situations, with the same timing, every time. Every situation is different, and different time frames may, and often do, apply, which can be normal.

The issue however, is that it can be a warning sign whenever someone GUARANTEES that a spell will work in "so-and-so" amount of time. There is no way to ethically guarantee that a spell will work. And what's more, once a spell is cast, even if you have enlisted the assistance of someone else to cast the spell for you, at the bottom line, your experiences, results, and timing with that spell, is a matter of your own relationship with the Higher Power. No spell caster can take responsibility for your life. They can do spiritual work on your behalf with the intention to assist you, they can even go above and beyond with the intention that you are happy and feel truly blessed as a result of their services, but no psychic, spell caster, preacher, clergyman, or otherwise spiritual helper, can ever take responsibility for your life, or go inside of your mind and control your personal thoughts, feelings, or actions for you.

Spells, love spells, and any other spells for positive purposes, do, in potential, have the ability to help you, and to help bring desired improvements to your life. But it should also go without saying that anyone who is choosing to act a fool, acting in a belligerent or disrespectful manner, can even contradict the potential helpfulness of their own spells. You have the power to allow your spells the best chance to work, and you also have the power to sabotage yourself. So don't do it. Give yourself and your spells a fair chance.

There are a few tips here that can help with protecting yourself from scams, be it in relation to said psychics, spell casters, or even the type of preachers who teach you that poverty is a virtue while they themselves are driving around in luxury cars. This is NOT about any particular religion or spiritual path. There is nothing wrong with driving a luxury car. Poverty is not a virtue either, and in the highest spiritual truth, you are meant to be blessed, and to live your life in love, joy, and abundance, with all of the goodness of life. But this said, because unfortunately there can be crooks, and "not-nice-people" who might show up in many given areas of life, even in areas we'd like to believe we could always trust people, that we could count on them no matter what to conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner.

Furthermore, with this said, there can also be many truly good people, in many different walks of life. I believe there are many truly genuine, good-hearted, spiritually honest spiritual workers out there, in the field of psychics, spell-casting services, and otherwise, who truly desire with their whole heart to bring you joy and blessings through their services, and this being, an important part of their life's work, to do so.

So here are some good tips for avoiding scams, and having a better chance of connecting with an honest and genuine spiritual worker that truly cares about truly helping you.

Be discerning. It can be common, especially if you are new to the topic of psychic readings, spells, or spiritual services, to question their validity. If you were brought up in such a way that did not allow an open-mindedness for other expressions of spirituality, or were deterred from feeling free and allowed to think for yourself, then it can feel normal to feel a bit uneasy or even scared of something that seems very different than what you may be familiar with. As you open your mind and heart, and encourage yourself to explore new spiritual ideas and new spiritual realities, sometimes this can assist you with transforming fear into optimism, joy, and a fuller sense of spiritual freedom and fulfillment in your life and on your unique and personal spiritual journey. But it is MUCH DIFFERENT to feel somewhat unsure or uncertain about a different spiritual expression than you are familiar with, than to feel an outright intuitive warning about a particular website, for example. So be discerning, look to see what services, and also what genuine and helpful content and information they have to offer.

Don't rush your decision to make a purchase. Give yourself time to tune into your heart and listen to what it has to convey to you. Not all things that sound too good to be true are truly too good to be true. Life has many wonderful blessings, and sometimes in order to discover some of those blessings, it requires that you stretch your ideas of what is truly possible. But if you see claims that "guarantee" results, at all, but especially within a relatively short period of time, be discerning.

Don't allow said "guarantees" or outlandish promises to influence your decision to make a purchase. While it is true that many people offer genuine guarantees, such as if you buy a product and aren't happy with it, they'll be willing to give you a refund, this seems to be seldom true in the world of psychic and spell services, when people offer said guarantees. No one can say with absolute certainty that there is not one single genuine spiritual worker out there offering spiritual services, such as spells, for example, who would truly give you a money-back guarantee. It would be, however, extremely RARE that they would. Many times, the sole reason some services (spell related, or otherwise,) even offer a said "guarantee," is because they are using it as a marketing technique to influence you to feel SAFE and more comfortable ordering from them, even when they have no intention to honor their promise of the said guarantee.

Some may like to entertain the line of thought that if someone offering these kinds of spiritual services were real and genuine, that they "should" give a refund, if a spell didn't work, for example. But again, MOST GENUINE spiritual workers offering spell services would be very unlikely to offer a refund, because of the fact that they are pouring so much of their time, energy, effort and goodwill into truly trying to help you with your situation, and it again, being an important part of their life's WORK.

Someone who offers a spell casting service, for example, and would have no problem giving you a refund, are likely not the ones who have put so much effort into trying to be of good service for you, and in offering you a truly valuable and high quality service. Again, that is not to say there are not some good ones out there that may, and still would offer a refund, but most genuine spiritual workers would not, because they are serious and devoted to offering you a quality service that deserves fair compensation, all the more whenever it is a part of their life's WORK. When it comes to very outlandish guarantees (i.e., results in 4 hours, and otherwise,) this can be a very possible warning sign, and an indicator that it's time to be extra-discerning about using their services.

If a psychic claims to be "all-knowing," or a psychic, spell caster, or otherwise said spiritual worker operates in such a way as to imply that they have more control over your life than YOU DO, it may be a red flag. Even the most gifted psychics are still human, and thus do not "know everything." And furthermore, at the core of it, no one has more control over your life than YOU DO. Don't buy into the idea, however tempting it may be, that a psychic, spell caster, or otherwise spiritual worker, somehow has a control over your life that you don't. Sometimes it can seem that way, if you are projecting your personal power outside of yourself. But the true purpose of a "spiritual worker," is not to take responsibility for your life, even though genuine spiritual workers can hold a very special role, and a very special place in your life that can be very helpful and beneficial for you. Many times, the assistance of a spiritual worker can offer valuable assistance in your life, but no one holds more power or control over your life than you do. People tend to have far better results when working with spiritual workers, when they recognize that a spiritual worker is there to, HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF.

Understand that spiritual services can be a whole unique and special experience of their own, and, that they are faith-based, and deeply personal, so listen your heart about your options for which spiritual workers to work with, and choose wisely. There can be "naysayers" for just about every kind of spiritual path or spiritual service out there. Even many of the world's most beloved spiritual leaders/teachers, of both the past, and present, have their own "naysayers" and "non-believers." When it comes to topics such as these, pertaining to psychics, spell casters, and other spiritual workers, there are some people that are so closed in their faith in God (God Source, the Higher Power,), or any sense of a Loving Higher Power beyond their egoic-level Self, that they may like to debunk spiritual topics, or are so unhappy as a result of their own lacking sense of connection with their own spiritual core and Oneness with the Loving Higher Power, that they might like to go looking for spiritual subjects to "naysay" about. Others may have never explored for themselves with an open-heart and open-mind, that there can be many amazing wonders and TRUTHS in life that go beyond just the ideas and spiritual concepts that they are familiar with.

Either way, be there naysayers who like to try to debunk out of their own spiritual misery that can result from closure to one's own spiritual essence, or those who are naysayers due to misconceptions or lack of understanding of different spiritual concepts than what they are familiar with and thus believe that they are being "helpful" to try to sabotage you in your faith in spiritual matters that may seem very "outside of the box," or be it involving people who take on the persona of a spiritual worker who only have intentions to scam people, your FAITH is important, your personal faith is precious, and it would be wise to KEEP YOUR FAITH in the Higher Power. However, it would also be wise to be discerning in who you enlist to assist you in such spiritual endeavors. Hold onto your faith, but be discerning about who you enlist to assist you with these kinds of spiritual endeavors.

Don't provide "too" much information to a psychic or spell caster about yourself, but especially not about other persons who may be involved in your spellwork. It can be common, and quite normal, that when placing an order for services, that you would include your personal contact details such as your name, email address, billing and/or mailing address, and possibly even your phone number. It can even be normal to provide photos of yourself, your beloved, or anyone else that may be involved in your spellwork intentions. But it would be wise to avoid giving "too" much information, such as, very unnecessary information, or too sensitive of information. This can sometimes happen whenever a client might want to forward emails that a particular person of interest had sent to them, to a psychic or spell caster. If you do this, it is better to make sure you are not allowing the transmission of personal data/email address information of that other person to be shared. There is no reason that a psychic or spell caster that you are working with would ever need the email address of a person involved in your spellwork intentions...

Further, there is no reason that a psychic or spell caster that you are working with, would ever need the physical home address, work address, email address, or otherwise highly personal contact information about someone involved in your spellwork intentions. Don't do it. This information does not need to be conveyed to a psychic/spell caster/spiritual worker for any reason.

While it can help to further the energetic connection with persons in spellwork, if you have a photo of the person (which is not always necessary, but can still be useful for the energy work,) a spell caster does not need to know the exact, precise location, street or house number of your beloved or otherwise person of interest, in order for successful spellwork.

It can be very unwise to send too much information, or highly sensitive information as such, any kind of contact information of the said person of interest. If you are asked for such information, don't provide it. It can be normal, however, to provide a psychic, spell caster or spiritual worker, with at least the first name and birthdate (if known) of any persons of interest. It can also be normal to send photos, and a general location of the person. But it would be wise to avoid sending too sensitive of information, such as the other person's contact information, or the contact information of anyone else connected with you for that matter. It's not necessary, it's not needed, and it's not worth the risk for you.

Only send money for products/services that you are purchasing, or for the purpose of donations, etc., and generally speaking, not for any other purpose than these. Don't send money that is for some other purpose other than for the products/services you are purchasing. It's not always necessarily a red flag when it comes to purchasing a service that may be expensive in price. Sometimes it can be true that you only get what you pay for in some cases, and sometimes it can be worth what you pay for an exceptional and high quality service. But it is much different to be discerning, consider your options, listen to your heart, and then decide to make an expensive purchase, than it is to send a said spiritual worker your life savings, for example, for them to "cleanse" and then "return..." to you. Don't send valuables or money to be "cleansed" or used in rituals, for example, and only send a psychic/spell caster/spiritual worker money in the cases where you are sending the funds for the sole purpose of purchasing the products/services you are choosing of your own accord to purchase.

Be discerning and think for yourself when reading so-called "spell caster reviews" websites and forums. It might seem nice to imagine that there would be honest information and honest reviews on said "spell caster reviews" websites, especially whenever some people have not had the best experience when it comes to the topic, but unfortunately, the information therein may not always be accurate or true, so you have to be careful here too. It's not in your best interest whenever a said reviews website for spell casters is created for the sole purpose to write negative reviews of other spell websites, posing as clients of other competitor websites, and then encourage you to their own, also posing as a client, claiming that they are the "best" or the "real" ones.

It can also be helpful to know, that generally speaking, no one who has chosen to spend their hard-earned money on a spells service, is going to one day decide to create a website, post a close up photo of themselves with their beloved, accrediting love spells to their relationship success, claiming that they are sharing a spells website that helped them because they are so nice as to want to protect you from scams. Due to many obvious factors, no legitimate case story would be likely to do this, but namely not with a real photo. There is nothing at all wrong with casting a spell, or even a love spell, if your approach is positive and your intentions are pure.

Although, when it comes to the topic of spells, especially love spells, although this can be a very positive and beautiful experience when approached in the right way, unfortunately it is still a commonly misunderstood topic. Generally speaking, no legitimate case story would want to risk their relationship and take the chance that the other person may discover such sensitive and personal information involving the use of love spells in regard to their relationship together, due to the common misconceptions about the whole topic of love spells. Further, it is important to be private about your spell endeavors. Not due to any reason of having done any wrong, but simply for the same kind of reasons that you wouldn't discuss the content of your personal prayers, and with some things, for best results, it is better to keep your private creative endeavors to yourself, for various reasons, and if for no other reason than because it is only your personal business.

So it's important to be discerning here too, because sometimes things are not always as they seem, and the best you can rely on with this kind of thing, is not to take mine or anyone else's word for it, you just have to rely on your own heart and intuition to guide you in these matters as well.

If you keep this information in mind, it can be of help to protect you from said spiritual workers that may not be truly sincere, and if you follow the guidance of your own heart (and that internal guidance IS there within your heart...) it can help steer you away from such situations, and in the direction of the spiritual workers who truly care with sincerity to offer you their honest assistance.


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