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Meet Caring Empath Intuitive Mi'chell

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Request an empathic psychic reading, tarot reading, angel card reading, or oracle card reading for insight, guidance and clarity about your situation. Understand how your special someone really feels about you, what is upcoming in your life, and access the honest answers you seek so you can feel better and more hopeful moving forward in your situation.

* Offering empathic intuitive psychic readings, empathic tarot readings, and empathic angel card readings for questions of love, romance, relationships, career and more...

* Offers psychic email readings, and chat room readings via our online psychic chat. Psychic chat room readings are provided in our private, secure chatroom, by appointment only.

* Provides caring white magic spells for assistance with matters of love and much more.

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About Me:

  • I am a Psychic Empath Intuitive
  • Practitioner of White Magic (Magic that is a pure creative energy of "Blessing", that involves "Positive" and "Benevolent" use of Universal Principals for the purpose of flowering goodness and blessings into your life and into the world.)
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Love & Relationship Coach
  • Certified Master Law of Attraction Coach
  • Certified Advanced Law of Attraction "Wealth" Coach & Spiritual Wealth Practitioner
  • Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
  • Certified Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner
  • Ordained Minister

I am a genuine Clairsentient Psychic Empath. I've been offering caring and compassionate empathic psychic readings online since early 2002, and have been giving empathic psychic readings overall for over 22 years. I have always felt a strong sensitivity to the realm of feelings, and to the feelings of others, long before I ever knew what it meant to be an, "empath."

Throughout my life, dating back to early childhood, I frequently sensed and felt the feelings, moods, intentions and even life direction of seemingly complete strangers. In many cases where circumstances arose where this could be verified, it often confirmed my intuitive instincts were correct.

There are many different forms, or channels, of psychic ability. While I have at times received psychic information via other psychic channels, Clairsentience is my predominant channel through which I receive psychic information. Clairsentience, in essence, is a sensitivity TO essence, to energy, to perceiving and receiving information via the intuitive feeling and sensing of energy.

Emotions and feelings are energy. Feelings are emotional energy. This sensitivity to energy, to feelings and emotions, to intuition, describes what it is in essence to be an "empath," or a "psychic empath."

While I do believe that some people are born with certain forms of psychic ability, I do not believe that psychic ability is something that you are either born with or you aren't. This would be of limited ideas, since we are all spiritual beings, and psychic ability is a matter of connection with a higher spiritual AWARENESS that is available for any and all to open to, connect with, and establish a relationship with.

So while some may enter into this world with already-established psychic abilities, the ability to perceive psychic information is something that is very natural to our spirituality, and can thus be cultivated by anyone in potentiality, if desired.

I have personally always carried this intuitive/empathic psychic gift, that has been with me for as early as I can remember, and it is an important part of my purpose to help others, including you, with this gift, be it through understanding with deep empathy how you are feeling and offering a listening ear and empathic support, conveying empathic psychic information about how someone else is feeling about you, or by offering caring empathic answers to the questions you are holding in your heart, and offering suggestions for finding real solutions to your problems and concerns.

I offer empathic psychic readings based from pure empathic perceptions (no cards,) and I also offer empathic psychic readings using Angel cards, Spiritual Oracle cards, and Tarot cards, if desired. The option is yours! Whatever your preference.

The Angel card readings are offered due to my love of angels, and my love of working with angels and the angelic realm.

Caring spell-casting services are also offered, for matters of love and romance, money and career, healing and much more.

In addition to offering caring empathic psychic readings, I have also been a practitioner of magic (or "magick,") used for healing and positive purposes, for well over 22 years.

"Magick" with a "k" is often used to differentiate between magic otherwise, and the magickal arts that involve spells and spell-casting, (and magick is a form of ART, as it involves powerful creative expression, i.e., painting your own desired reality, shaping energy into form, etc.)

The caring spell-casting services offered, are of purely positive energy (again, working with the angelic realm,) and works only and entirely with energies that vibrate at higher frequencies of healing and positive energy, (there is a lot more regarding this topic offered on the FAQ page,) which can help with situations of love, romance, money, career, healing, protection, self-improvement and much more.

I look forward to helping you with your situation, whether you are looking for compassionate empathic psychic readings, or genuinely caring spell-casting services.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope your experience here will be beautifully blessed!

DivineLoveLight. Compassionate Empathic Psychic - Caring White Magic Spell Casting.

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