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The Profound Power of Surrender

"True surrender, means the realization of your unification with God/The Loving Source of All Life. True surrender, resurrects the One authentic spiritual power within, to be expressed through form."

Therefore... True surrender is, "a return home to the Self," an opening of an inner spiritual door that pours in God's light and blessings when opened.

Thus... "Releasing is magnetic."

God/The Higher Power, is always ever-present within you, and this loving power source rests within the core of your emotional center... Your Heart.

Your Higher Self is the bridge that connects the conscious "you" that you are so familiar with, with the Loving Source of All Life. Your Higher Self is the loving "relationship" of unity through which you are One with the Higher Power. Your Higher Self is the connection-point that allows for the space of loving alchemy which blends together "you" and God/The Loving Source of All Life, in harmonious unity.

Really, there is no true separation between you and the Loving Source of All Life, other than what the mind may think is so, as in your deepest depths, you are the One Unified Being.

Therefore, God/Source/The Higher Power, is always with you, always within you, indwelling within you, residing within you, LIVING within you. Living AS you. Whenever you surrender into the power of the Source of God within your very core, you become strengthened and renewed with new life and vitality. You become One with the eternal spring of life. Or we could say, you become aware, you realize your eternal Oneness with the eternal spring of life.

Releasing is magnetic, thus the power of, "Allowing."

Such as the bird you release from your hands and allow to fly. Your desire is that bird. As you release it, it flies free, and since it is YOUR desire, you remain connected with it as it flies, and soars. Furthermore, because it is YOUR desire, it circles back to you, it's source, and when it returns to you, it returns as a response from the Source of God within you, in the form of a gift, event or circumstance; it returns as an outcome.

Let your birds fly free. In other words, nurture your desires, care for them with love, cherish them, cultivate their growth in an inner atmosphere of loving regard, and then allow them to be released like the uncaged bird who can finally fly free, and your matured desire will circle back to you as outcomes which overflow with the fruition of your matured desire (your desire which has reached it's bloom; fulfillment.)

True surrender doesn't mean that you must let go or give up on something that is important to you, but rather, it is more of a matter of perceiving it differently. So what is surrender, than to "let go" of an untrue perception, or an inaccurate idea of separation from that which you desire, where there need not be one?

Whenever you surrender to the truest depths of your most authentic Self, you realize your Oneness with that which you desire, therefore, you have released all resistance to having that which you desire. In the release of your resistance (resistance being the opposite of surrender,) you are thereby more freely, "allowing" yourself to have that which you desire.

That which you desire, flows to you more easily from the grace of an awakened heart, surrendered to it's own power -- The magnetic power of potent sweetness, immense magnetism, and eternal beauty.

The magnetic power of Divine Beauty flowers your desired outcomes to life, from the seeds of desire you once embraced lovingly within you, into glorious, vibrant spiritual fruits made manifest in form.

There is immense power in true surrender. Surrendering to your truest, most authentic Self, you become awakened to God/The Loving Source of All Life within you, which is eternally present within the Loving Unified Being you call, "You."

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